Kaile Vetne Khai 3 (Thopa Thopa) Is Out Now

Kaile Vetne Khai 3 (THOPA THOPA) - Almoda | Khagendra Lamichhane | Barsha Siwakoti

2021-04-15, 01:47 PM Learn More

Kaile Vetne Khai 3 (Thopa Thopa) Releasing On Baishakh 1

Kaile Vetne Khai 3 (Thopa Thopa) Releasing On Baishakh 1

2021-04-11, 01:26 PM

Jyanle Timlai

New Song Release starring Dayahang Rai & Barsha Siwakoti

2020-11-03, 09:28 PM Learn More

Corona Virus Prevention Song

Global Handwashing Song | Simple act of washing your hands can keep you safe from numerous communicable diseases including #CORONA (COVID-19).

Learn More

Kaile Vetne Khai 2 (Nyasro)

Kaile Vetne Khai 2 (Nyasro) Music Video. Do listen and share your opinion

2019-12-30, 02:23 PM Learn More

New Song Release - Khai Aja K Vo

Khai Aja K Vo is a tragic heart breaking song, sang in the memory of love one. The song vocal, music and lyrics is given by Almoda Rana Uprety and record/mixed/mastered by Rangeet Ballav Uprety.

2019-12-05, 10:22 PM Learn More

Timi Ma Sanga - Female Version By Nikita Tharu

Timi Ma Sanga - featuring Nikita Tharu baini is here hai. K kasto lagcha vannu hola. Dhanyaba

2019-11-22, 11:45 AM Learn More

Garo Vo - New Song Release

#GaroVo geet released with Rahul Shah & Dilip Rayamajhi dai Music Video in #Channel8k & Lyrical audio in my channel. ? Namaste´╗┐

2019-11-20, 05:00 PM Learn More

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